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Heimes Corp. currently operates one of the largest fleets of mobile concrete and asphalt recycling equipment in the Midwest. Utilizing recycled concrete and asphalt materials protects the environment by prolonging landfill life and reducing the amount of aggregate material extracted from the earth. In order to reduce taxpayer costs, many government contracts now require the use of recycled concrete materials.


  • Sewer and Water Pipe Bedding Material

  • Base Material for Roads, Footings and Foundations

  • Parking Lot Base

  •  Landscaping Material

  • Aggregate for New Concrete and Asphalt

  • Riprap for Erosion Control and Bank Stabilization

  • Shoreline Stabilization and Repair


Our unique portable recyclers and screen plants are extremely efficient for small jobs, yet powerful enough for large projects of long duration. We can calibrate our screens to accommodate any customer need or engineering specification. Mobile recycling equipment saves money by reducing transportation costs and landfill charges. Our equipment can be separated to work at three different sites simultaneously or combined to recycle over 900 tons per hour in one location.

Heimes currently operates two concrete and asphalt recycling centers in the Omaha area. Concrete and asphalt can be brought to these sites for processing and recycled material is available for purchase.

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