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Heimes Corp. provides professional installation of closed loop geothermal well fields for commercial and residential applications. Thermally conductive fluid pumped through well ducts takes advantage of the relatively constant temperatures maintained just below the earth surface to provide heating and cooling systems with an endless source of environmentally friendly energy.

Closed loop geothermal systems can generally be lumped into four main categories; Horizontal, Vertical, Coil and Pond. Each project must be evaluated individually to determine which loop installation would optimize the geothermal properties of the area in combination with the available space for the field. Heimes Corp. specializes in horizontal and directional well installations which utilize the same trenchless technology demonstrated in the communication and utility industry for years.

Trained personnel and specialized equipment allow us to place thermal loops in areas otherwise considered inaccessible. Directional drilling makes it possible to place loop fields under trees, landscape features, driveways and outbuildings without the disruption and expense of moving or replacing these features. If land space is at a premium, our vertical drilling equipment can efficiently and consistently place geothermal wells hundreds of feet deep allowing the greatest thermal exchange for the available space.

Visit these sites for additional information on geothermal energy:

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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy/Geothermal Technologies Program (U.S. Department of Energy)

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