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Heimes Corp. has demonstrated the exceptional capabilities and advantages of trenchless technology for years. Directional boring continues to be the most effective means of installing or replacing underground utilities with only minimal site disruption and restoration costs. Originally utilized only by the communication industry, directional boring is now used for all types and sizes of underground applications.


  • Directional Boring and Drilling

  • Trenching and Plowing

  • Pipe Bursting

  • Duct, Conduit and Pipe Placement and Splicing

  • Manhole, Hub, and Pedestal Placement

  • Blowing Fiber Optic Cable

  • Emergency Hit Repair

  • Utility Locating

  • Vacuum/hydro Excavations


Environmental consultants are also using directional boring to install horizontal wells for remediation systems. Horizontal wells can reach contamination plumes that are difficult, if not impossible, to reach by conventional methods. In most cases the horizontal wells are more cost effective because a single horizontal well can impact a larger plume area than several vertical wells.

With hundreds of miles of underground installation experience, we are experts at overcoming every type of obstacle. Utilizing precise locating equipment and steering technology, we can accurately navigate even the most difficult locations to install your product.

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