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Mission Statement

Heimes Corp. is dedicated to providing every customer with superior service delivered in a professional manner.

Culture and Values

For more than a decade, we have relied on personal service and experience to carry us through every project. We are the leader in the excavating and underground utility markets because we have combined proven construction techniques with a high commitment to service. We demand excellence from ourselves and only accept perfection for our customers.

Over the years, the projects have changed, the equipment has changed, even some of the players have changed, but our commitment to customer satisfaction has never changed. The tremendous growth we have experienced would not have been possible without the dedication of every Heimes employee to provide each customer with more than they expected. Our dedication to these principles will continue to forge our future.

Owner’s Statement

"In an industry where reputation alone can make or break a company, we wear our reputation with distinction. We pride ourselves on providing dependable, quality services at competitive rates. It is important to remember that real profits are not always something you can take to the bank. The personal and professional relationships we build today will ensure our profitability tomorrow.”

Ray Heimes


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